Preface to a Dream

My name is Trey and I wanted to chronicle my progress in all things music and writing as I walk down this excited street of passion. I have some definite goals along this path, but for right now we’ll just stick with my desire to get into a music program at a university. I felt that a blog would be the best way to share my endeavors with like-minded people.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
― John Lennon

I’m sure that the constant rants and raving criticism of my personal life may not be worth reading. However, I will let literary Darwinism determine whether this blog succeeds or fails.

The rest of the time I will be filling you in on life at the community college, my opinions on what goes on in the music world, things that I find interesting, anything that I may feel like writing including short stories, poetry, or non-fiction. As well as progress that I make recording music, and even songs that I get completed. I will also teach any discoveries that I may make filming, editing, and otherwise producing videos for my YouTube channel.




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