Taking the Plunge

After much thought, I have come to the decision that I am going to minor in Music. I figured that I would go with a minor because I want to become a history teacher and I don’t want my entire future to be riding on my ability to play an instrument. There is also the fact that I will be able to enjoy my musical study more knowing that I have other irons in the fire.

Why music? Well… I have a burning desire to study music. Not just study, I also want to play it and get to know many other people who are like minded. For people who play sports, there are any numbers of options for them to get involved with other students in college with similar interests. Whether they are involved in NCAA sports teams or just intramural activities, they have plenty of ways to enjoy their passion in a university setting. They will meet plenty of friends because of the variety of options they are given. So why can’t I find the same thing through a music program? Well I can. There is no reason that I would have any problem finding a group of like minded people much like the people who play sports, act in drama programs, or pray in small devotion groups.

To achieve my goal I am committing to studying music in all the ways that I know possible. I am splitting my time up between practicing piano, sight reading music, chord theory, neck theory, metronome practice, classical guitar, jazz standards, ear training, various techniques, and listening to as many albums as I can get my hands on. Yes it will be a lot of work. However, it will be more than worth it to get one step closer to realizing my dream within a college setting.

I wouldn’t have to work on music in school to be the musician that I want to be. Still, I want to do it. I must admit that I “commit” to many projects which never quite get finished. In spite of this, I will be spending time every day working closer to a dream that has been said to be far-fetched; hopeless even. I welcome the challenge and am looking forward to the great effort that will be necessary to manifest this dream.


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