My Potion of Choice- The Trey Special


Certain characters in fiction have a drink that is something of a signature for them. Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek drinks Earl Grey Tea and James Bond has his vodka martini “shaken, not stirred.”

Most people don’t know that I have a signature drink in real life.

It’s called “The Trey Special.” It is the drink that I continually ordered in the Fall of 2010 at a little coffee shop in High Point.

The drink is an iced coffee with two shots of expresso, vanilla flavoring, and cream. This drink was named after me on a day where the person in line behind me wanted the same drink. The barista behind the counter on that day said, “It’s called the Trey Special” and ever since I’ve only had to say that I want the special when I go into the coffee shop.

The drink being named after me partly came into being because I was in something of a slump at that point in my life and the guy behind the counter thought that I could use a boost in confidence. It did turn out to be effective. As you can imagine, it feels really cool to go into a coffee shop and use your name as your order of choice.

I have been in love with that same sweet taste of espresso and vanilla from that very moment. It should also come as no surprise that I frequently order the Trey Special whenever I can make a trip. My friend who is also that same barista works at a new coffee shop called Jumoka Cafe and I have since made it the new home of the Trey Special. It is also my spot of choice to catch up on my reading and writing.

Check out Jumoka Cafe if you are ever in High Point, North Carolina. Their baked goods, cookies, and cinnamon rolls are exquisite.


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