Periphery/The Contortionist/Intervals Concert-The Best Show of my Life

Last night I went to Ziggy’s to see Periphery, The Contortionist, and Intervals. It was the greatest concert that I have ever been to. Intervals was really good. I was surprised that they did not have a bass player. They had Pro Tools running on a computer which leads me to believe that they had a recording of a bass player. They played a Jackson Chris Broderick model, a couple of Paul Reed Smiths, and an Ernie Ball Music Man. They were great and really fun to watch.

The Contortionist was amazing. They are one of those bands that have the perfect balance of dynamics and aggression. They played Ibanez 7 string guitars and their tone was amazing. Their singer was fantastic and one of a kind. He had this way of moving slowly during the clean parts and letting loose during the brutal guitar riffs. They played a mix from their entire catalogue. It was probably five or six songs. They played Language from their newest album and I didn’t realize how awesome it was hearing it in its entirety until hearing it live. Their drummer and keyboardist sounded great. They finished on Flourish from their first album.

Periphery was absolutely perfect. They played a lot of songs from their first album. They also played much of Periphery II, but not any songs from Clear. By the time that they played I was at the very front. I was standing behind one girl but that was still close enough to shake Mark’s hand and play his guitar during a couple of breakdowns. I was so close to Mark every time that he would stand on his riser. The whole band had so much energy. Spencer was the perfect front man. They had so many cool guitars. Jake had his cool Ibanez signature models. Misha played a mix of Jacksons, Strandbergs, and Aristedes guitars. Nolly had his amazing DIngwall basses. Mark had the coolest guitars. He played a Mayones 8 string, a Mayones 7 string, a PRS Se 7 string, and a custom PRS six string. They were all beautiful. It really inspired me to know that my PRS is good enough of a guitar that Mark would use one himself even in a live setting.I swear that the bass was perfect the entire show. Matt had his Mapex drum kit with the Periphery II cover on the bass drum. He was set up in a Showbread format with only a kick drum, snare, floor tom, and cymbals. Matt played a drum solo as the crowd chanted for an encore. Apparently the band played a new song from their album and gave a lesson to people who signed up for a workshop on I would have gone to that had I known about it, but I have no regrets. I even bought a t-shirt and a couple of guitar picks. During the song in the encore, Mark used my hand to do a harmonic slide on his PRS 7 string and it was amazing. He played a three way game of Rock Paper Scissors with me and another fan and we both drew scissors. I understand why they use the Axe Fx II’s for their live shows because their tone was perfect. They a great sound guy because I could hear every note that each member played. I took a lot of videos and pictures from last night. I will probably sit down and watch them sometime today. I even got to say hi to Blake Richardson from Between the Buried and Me after the show. Overall it was a great night and I am so excited that I got to go.


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