Why I Write

I write because I have things to say that my voice just can’t convey. I seek an audience other than the one in front of me at any given time and I hope to find others who are looking for someone with my personality. Blogging is quite possibly the best way to approach said speaking because it is limited to no one and will eventually find the people who want to read it at one point or another. I am an artist with a set of beliefs that I think are worth sharing because they may help someone else find their voice or get through their day a little easier as a result of my words.

I believe in the power of music. Oh, don’t look so disenchanted. I don’t think of music as some sort of Disney wizardry that will right all of the wrongs in the world. No. Music is like Love. It has all of the power that you could possibly give it and it is amazing not only because of the good in humanity, but despite all of the horrors and atrocities that plague every inch of this earth. Music is just the vehicle for change that I choose to utilize in order to understand my fellow man. I was once powerless, afraid of everyone and everything around me. Music has given me so much because it gave me a voice. Whether it is through my lyrics or just my writing of riffs, I get to display the way that I look at the world and ultimately how it affects me.

Practicing has given me discipline. Of all the efforts in my life, playing an instrument has taught me just how much time I have to spend in order to reach the level of talent that I desire. I believe in the 10,000 hours theory and I am of the belief that I will reach that mark as soon as I can. In life you get out of it what you put into it. Music has also taken away that feeling of wanting the week to be over faster so that I can just live in the weekend. Now I cherish every day because any free time is an excuse to hone my craft to an even higher level than it was the day before. I wish that I could help anyone else find their forte, their art, their place of happiness. If I could then said people would be able to enrich their lives in a whole new way.

This is just a positive rant, but hey. It is how I feel.


The Digital Natives-Poem


We communicate at the speed of light.

Conversation-we perfected it

There was this awesome thing I read on Tumblr the other day

. Oh wait…You didn’t read it. Well….

Spelling be damnmed! spellcheck  made u obsolete .

YOLO?- how cliche an idea we claimed for our own

even though it’s rehashed. #Swag because we can

maybe bother to

Justify  it with another overt brag

Trends? its easy just follow the leader

more people follow me on twitter

than the dead guys i rip off

with smart quotes.

and by the time you read this

another fad has passed you by

Our egos rage like forgotten Sun Gods where

We are our own center of the universe.

Never settling for second best. Seconds to us are

Hours for our parents.

So close yet so far apart.

We communicate at the speed of light.

Conversation-we perfected it

There was this awesome thing I read on Tumblr the other day.

Oh wait…You didn’t read it.


What can I say? i must admit that i grow tired of the games, the qwickspeak, the girls who walk away in the middle of a text conversation: what did i do wrong?

I’ll be on a date with the girl of my dreams only to lose her to the blue light of and led screen as they are hypnotized by the stuttering clicking of liquid crystal keys.

I fear that I will do the same in time

Romance? i no longer bother.

After all I’ll just keep to my ‘ships

We have countless avenues of expression,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Desktop Wallpaper.

Maybe I’ll even blog about it, write it into my fanfiction



Don’t ask

maybe google knows

Everyday our souls grow more weary, more strained,Our brains fluffed and minds untrained.                    Go ahead and contradict us, we’ve already prepared a witty retort.

Starting My Solo Album

During my Senior year of high school, I wrote ten songs which I called Allegories. At the time I was just working with a guitar, a Macbook Pro, and GarageBand. It turned out well, but I have recently decided to write, record, and re-imagine them now that I am an exponentially better player, writer, singer, and producer as I was then. I will be posting more details along the way, but I am writing more blog entries per my New Years Resolution and I thought that an update on one of my music projects would be a great way to start 2015.