Dustie Waring’s Signature PRS

Way to represent for the North Carolina Dustie. Finally the people at PRS are giving due credit to more metal players. There are plenty of metal-heads with signature models, but Dustie is neither mainstream nor overrated in the least.

Let’s talk about the guitar. It’s surprising that they went with an American made custom model instead of one of the PRS Se line. His guitar is subtly beautiful. I love the purple matte quilted maple top. That’s not something that you see every day. I am not much of a matte finish guy myself, but this guitar totally pulls it off. I would buy this guitar today if I had the money lying around. Black hardware complements it perfectly. Also…The Original Floyd Rose. If there is anything that makes this guitar look like a lean, mean, metal machine it is the Floyd. Paul Reed Smith introduced the Custom 24 Floyd, but this guitar looks like the Floyd really belongs on it. I have never played one of the PRS guitars with a Floyd Rose, but I am guessing that it is heaven. That is if heaven was made out of mahogany and maple.

I am just wondering why this is a limited run. Why in the world would they stop making a guitar that can handle everything from metal to jazz and all genres in between with equal grace? The closest “Metal” instrument they have is the Tremonti signature. I know that Paul doesn’t think of his guitars as instruments made for heavier music, but there is definitely a market that is looking for exactly what the Dustie Waring signature model offers. And they want to limit them? I understand that they are probably aiming to make the instrument appear special and exclusive. Who know? PRS may just decide to continue the guitar. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.