The Digital Natives-Poem


We communicate at the speed of light.

Conversation-we perfected it

There was this awesome thing I read on Tumblr the other day

. Oh wait…You didn’t read it. Well….

Spelling be damnmed! spellcheck  made u obsolete .

YOLO?- how cliche an idea we claimed for our own

even though it’s rehashed. #Swag because we can

maybe bother to

Justify  it with another overt brag

Trends? its easy just follow the leader

more people follow me on twitter

than the dead guys i rip off

with smart quotes.

and by the time you read this

another fad has passed you by

Our egos rage like forgotten Sun Gods where

We are our own center of the universe.

Never settling for second best. Seconds to us are

Hours for our parents.

So close yet so far apart.

We communicate at the speed of light.

Conversation-we perfected it

There was this awesome thing I read on Tumblr the other day.

Oh wait…You didn’t read it.


What can I say? i must admit that i grow tired of the games, the qwickspeak, the girls who walk away in the middle of a text conversation: what did i do wrong?

I’ll be on a date with the girl of my dreams only to lose her to the blue light of and led screen as they are hypnotized by the stuttering clicking of liquid crystal keys.

I fear that I will do the same in time

Romance? i no longer bother.

After all I’ll just keep to my ‘ships

We have countless avenues of expression,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Desktop Wallpaper.

Maybe I’ll even blog about it, write it into my fanfiction



Don’t ask

maybe google knows

Everyday our souls grow more weary, more strained,Our brains fluffed and minds untrained.                    Go ahead and contradict us, we’ve already prepared a witty retort.


Video Games: Toys give way to Stories

Video Games: Toys give way to Stories

I could not have been more obsessed with toys as a child and nothing was more sacred to me than playing with them. I cherished these figures in my life whether they were Power Rangers or Army Men. Nothing in life could compare.

That is until I discovered video games. In December of 1998 I received a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I remember being excited about it, yet I don’t remember any anticipation because I doubt that I knew that I would get it or not. I don’t even know what games came with it. All I know is that before long, nothing could compare to the time I spent solving puzzles in Glover, fought it out with my brothers on Super Smash Bros., and saving the princess in Legend of Zelda.

If I could point toward anything getting me into video games, I would say that Easter of 1999 was being in the perfect place at the perfect time because I received Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nothing else had stimulated my childish brain like the story of being the lone force of light amongst a world filled with evil. Such as story had been around for thousands of years, yet it was in those afternoons diving through the game that I learned that stories experienced with a controller hooked me more than anything else. The funny thing is that I wasn’t particularly good at the game. I had to have so much help from friends of mine to get through the first dungeon. Every aspect thrilled me on every level. The villains, monsters, weapons, and dialogue fueled my childhood daydreams for years on end. I couldn’t have been more excited to know how to read since that was the only way to understand what was going on. There were no voice actors other than the sound of being hit or crying out during action sequences. I took the idea of a lone boy taking on the world and incorporated it into my own life. Every situation had me faced with the negative influences of friends who tried to grow up faster than I wanted to and bullies who told me I was nothing. I thought of myself as a lone hero in a world that wanted nothing more than for me to give into peer pressure or hate myself.

This only strengthened over time. I found empowerment through playing games time and time again. I moved forward to playing as Master Chief or Jedi Knights and the list just grew from there. Playing was never quite as enjoyable as it was with the consoles by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. They were my great Triumvirate. The worst of days could be remedied by sitting down, powering on, and stepping into the shoes of countless characters.

Fast forward to now and I see myself learning how to code and write stories of my own with hopes that I could share my own ideas with others. This may even be why I am getting back into blogging. I look toward more sources that give me room to express myself despite all of the forces that kept me from doing so for so many years.

That is what Playing is for me. Other than my music, nothing comes close to giving me so much enjoyment.